I am going to spend the weekend in Kanazawa.

I suggest this would be a good time to take a break.

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Is Frances still sick?

Don't worry. I'm good at this.

We've got you covered.

Don't be that worried.

Despite being rich, he is not happy.

At the end of April, the water of the Yellow River had darkened.

Close the door.

Adolescents often quarrel with their parents.

At last, he went to America.


Rogue lent his bicycle to Carol.

Leila was telling the truth about you, wasn't he?

I'm not going to tell her that.

I met him while I was staying in Paris.

Why do you think this is happening?

That's hardly an option.

We cannot live on it forever.


It is in the way.

It was so tense in the meeting, you could have cut the air with a knife.

That was such a wonderful movie.

Is the Pope Catholic?

I'll be all paid up after one more installment.

This way we can shorten the distance.

Stanley was our interpreter.

I don't want that, it is pourished.

I don't see anything there.

We wrote three books.

He taught me how to write.

Excuse me, but we're in a hurry, too.

There's no way I'm doing that.

Do you want anything special?

I kept as quiet as possible.


He who looks from outside through an open window doesn't see anywhere as much as he who looks through a closed window.

Could you please pick Shigemi up for me at the day-care center?

Don't go yet.

You're wasting time.

How can I forget those days?


What's your favorite nail polish?

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You'll spook him.

I wonder how Wendy will get out of that mess.

Let's receive him with a happy smile.

Sangho got locked out of his dormitory.

The old envy the young.


Who can afford these prices?

When I see that play, I always cry.

Be careful crossing the street.


Immediately after it caught fire, the chemical factory blew up.


Meehan was immediately concerned.

He told me that his grandfather is over ninety.

The eerie silence struck terror into their hearts.

Toothpaste is alkaline.

Dominick is thinking about it.


I've been under a lot of pressure lately.

Has anybody ever thought of this?

You're smart.

Which would you rather do, go to the cinema or stay at home?

Myrick must have seen me.


What color do you want to dye your hair?

Dawson denied that he had been involved in the affair.

My grandfather will be seventy this year.


What did they argue about?

He lived in Azerbaijan for 4 years.

I don't like talking about myself.

It's correct.

I'll stay here a whole month.


The news of the prime minister's resignation took us by surprise.

Venkata broke his promise and didn't help Denis.

"That's impossible!" said Reason. "That's insane!" noted Experience. "That's pointless!" cut Pride. "Take a try..." whispered Dream. "Fuck it all" replied Laziness.


Can you handle this for a while?

How does that happen?

They'd like that.

Jordan called me a taxi.

In assessing scientific work, citation counts provide a more reliable indicator, than the impact factor of the journal in which it was published.

It was an impulse buy.

Hartmann thought he was surrounded at night by threatening spirits.

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English is as fine a means of communication as any in the world.

Sharon spent some time behind enemy lines.

I work from 6am every morning in Central Park.

Lukas works sloppily.

I brush my teeth; I comb my hair.

The speech was greeted by loud cheers.

Planes land at the airport.

You should've told me the truth.

He has gone to Paris on official business.


Ted has caused a lot of trouble.

I feel fortunate to have known you.

That's an excellent choice.

Mahesh tried to impress the young lady.

What did you promise to do?

Open the chest.

May I carry this bag on?

What a pity you can't dance!

The boy began to make noise.

It was the last battle that ended the war.

This ticket admits up to four people into Disneyland.

She will have to cook for everyone.

Annie was a controlled wife.

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I'm sure she loves me.


Peggy never said one word.

Is there anything we can do to stop all this from happening?

My sister has long legs.

Did he not laugh then?

He has friends from many different walks of life.

The wall around the hut was made of human bones and on its top were skulls.

There were only six people at the party.

He is a gentleman.

He is mentally handicapped.


Krzysztof has trouble making both ends meet.


She interpreted his remarks as a threat.


His leg will prevent him from participating in a tennis tournament.

The letter was correctly addressed.

Tovah did better than I did.

I used to do that as a kid.

This steak seems rare. I wonder if it was cooked long enough.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security.

At last, we arrived in California.

I've just learned the news.

Alvin wore a long baggy T-shirt down to her knees.

He's an exorcist.

Even poisonous snakes will only attack if they feel threatened.

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I want to be ready when Jenine gets here.


I barely slept last night.

I would like to have cleaner teeth!

Tell her that I am cooking dinner.

I can't just let them kill me.

That's just nonsense.


Sergeant isn't paying us anything.

Your tooth must be extracted.

That seems fair enough.

You can't deny that what Diane is saying is true.

Do you agree with me?

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Celebrating Spring Festival is commonly referred to as 'passing the year'.

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Mike is popular among the girls because he is the star of the team.

Our visitors are sitting in the living room.

Takao knew it was wrong to do what he did.

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Although they were twins, they were of opposite personalities.

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Who removed them?

She was waiting at the quay as the ship came in.

And I grabbed him by his feet and said: "How humiliating this must be for you!"

That sounds really great.

This sweater is made of pure wool.

This is the first time I've ever eaten in an Italian pizzeria.

Sidney and Adam were not famous.

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When the laundry is not evenly distributed inside the washing machine, it can cause the washing machine to vibrate or even move.

Many young people were present at the party.

It is said that vultures can smell death.

In the village.

I can't think of life without you.

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Oh, let me show you.


Would you buy one if it were a little cheaper?

Don't go home.

You handled that very skillfully.

That woman isn't fat, she is going to have a baby.

Boyce followed us.

I don't like touching dead bodies.

Can we save the planet?

Could you tell us why you're here?

Once upon a time, there was a chicken with a crispbread.

What mountain do you think is the second highest in Japan?

Magnus, what would you like to have for dinner?

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Argh! My computer froze up again.


All men are equal according to law.

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You could search the world over and never find another man more honest than Barrio.

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Perhaps I could handle that.